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The Heritage D/A Converter is the most famous product of the brand Orpheus. Its third generation has been updated and improved in order to be compatible with all the new features avaliaible on the SACD drive from the same line. DSD is now supported as well as a word clock input to improve the clocks specifications.

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Technology serving musical emotion

Vanguard Digital Audio Dock is the spearhead of the Vanguard line. This product is a complete digital to digital converter. It supports a lot of new binary technologies for audio applications. The Digital Audio Dock is a smart device using a great user interface.

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High end audio


Orpheus Laboratories Sàrl has been found in 2001 as the Spin-off of Anagram Technologies SA society.

In 2003, Orpheus became an independent company and develops more Audio Device under this brand.

In August 2005, ANAGRAM reduced its investment in Orpheus Laboratories Sàrl and thus became a minority shareholder of the company. The management responsibilities have been taken over by new investors, and in order to reflect this change, Orpheus Laboratories Sàrl is now operating under the new name of Orpheus Media Sàrl. This new organisation develops and presents for the first time the Heritage line.

Since 2001 Confectronic SA has been the right hand of Orpheus Sàrl and has been responsible for the production tests of the products.

In 2008 Confectronic SA became the main body responsible for Orpheus Media Sàrl. The company decided to take the start-up under its wing in order to promote continuity and strength to the structure of new developments, assembly and final testing of all Orpheus products. The takeover by Confectronic SA has brought new dynamism and spirit to the entire Orpheus team.

Our staffs consist of people with complementary backgrounds and knowledge, which range from engineering to manufacturing management. All the team has previous experience in high-end audio companies, as well as other fields enables ORPHEUS to offer innovative and evolving solutions within a strong and original business model.

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