ORPHEUS Presents

The Outstanding Heritage Line

The Heritage Line is a tribute to our origins and includes all our most pristine instruments. Entirely hand soldered, we sought to achieve perfection disregarding any compromise for dimension, developing time, or price. Filled with our unrivaled engineered electronics, the Heritage Line ensures overall transparency, exposing dynamics never heard before in the sole objective to replicate the highest level of sound quality intended by the recording itself only. A full anodized aluminum case with a front panel shaped respecting our iconic sinusoidal waveform. This attractive curve is also delicately carved with a stylish ORPHEUS' logo that enlightens to indicate the device's operating state.

"Representing twenty years of research and development in the quest of excellence."

Heritage SACD Player

"The rightful legacy of our legendary reference instrument."

Coming Soon

H Zero PSOpus II

Heritage Preamplifier

"A unique Preamplifier that offers multichannel flexibility at no sacrifice in absolute performance."

Coming Soon

H Two 33BDOpus II

Heritage Mono Amplifier

"A power amplifier that can drive a wide range of speakers."

Coming Soon

H Three M800Opus II

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