ORPHEUS Presents

The Brand New Absolute Line

The Absolute Line is an adequate initiation to ORPHEUS' universe. Destined to raise elegance to any contemporary home interior. Using cutting edge technologies in electronics and computer science allowing you to live an unforgettable audio experience. Modest dimensions creating an ideal combination of uncompromising high-end performance and style.

"The latest additions to our majestic family of instruments."

Absolute SACD Player

"The perfect combination of an extremely quiet SACD Drive and a brilliant D/A converter "

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A Zero PS

A Zero PC

Absolute CD Player

This is a reference level compact disc player designed to deliver pristine and high quality audio performances.
"A reference level player."

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Absolute Preamplifier

This instrument completes the Absolute Line with high-quality components used for the volume control feature.
"The gateway to an immersive audio experience."

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A Two 22D

A Three S200

Absolute Stereo Amplifier

This is an anodized aluminium piece of art that remarkably stand apart from conventional amplifiers.
"A high damping factor for a superior harmonic accuracy."

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Absolute Integrated Amplifier

"A powerful amplifier balanced by a refined volume control."

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A Zero PS

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